Towards Personal Empowerment discusses the answers to life’s big questions, revealed from the central truths underlying major religions and new age spirituality, and clarified to empower on a personal level.

Religious and spiritual beliefs are simply differing perspectives of the same common wisdom. The perspectives vary due to the nature of the times and places they originated whilst the underlying meaning is very similar. In today's world of 7 billion people there are countless religious interpretations, many of which are disempowering to the individual - TPE clarifies the central truths and presents them in a way to fully empower you on a personal level. In doing so, I hope to help build the peaceful world of our highest ideals.

Towards Personal Empowerment book cover

Who am I?
What am I doing here?
What is the meaning of life?
Is this all there is?
Why am I never satisfied?
Why is life so difficult?
What is the secret of happiness?
How do I take control?
Am I missing something?

Do you ever wonder?

Answers contained within

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"If money doesn't buy happiness then what does? This was the question I had in mind during the final year of studying for my degree. I had a growing concern there was more to life than money and I had a strong desire to find answers to life's big questions. I wanted to be happy, not just in fleeting moments but continuously, and I wanted to explore what this meant. What does it mean to be happy? What does it mean to get the most out of life at every possible opportunity?

"This started a quest for information and comparative experience that lasted for seven years before experiencing what I can only describe as an epiphany of clarity. Suddenly everything I had learnt came together in a way that was so overwhelmingly beautiful, powerful and simple, I knew beyond any doubt I had found what I was looking for. After this experience, any further reading only seemed to re-qualify what I already understood. In a way, there was nothing new to be learnt, only different ways of describing the same concepts. The concepts themselves were now clear.

"Soon after this experience I felt that although I enjoyed my life, there was something missing. Something was missing, without which life seemed pointless and quickly I gained the urge to write. I had regular moments of clarity which were so inspiring, to let them pass without taking notes seemed only too wasteful. I wanted to record this wisdom clearly and concisely in up to date terms so anyone living in today's world could easily relate to it. In this way I have written 'Towards Personal Empowerment'."

Michael John Roberts